Dear fans of KOLBY winery,

we are flattered to announce that we expend our wine offer by white wines vintage 2014...


Dear customers,

let us inform you that we are lauching our historically first sparkling wine in the beginning of the year 2014. It is a brut, made using the classic method, e.i.bottle fermentation purely from Welsh Riesling harvested 2012...


Vinařství Kolby získalo 2 stříbné medaile na AWC Vienna a 5 zlatých medaií na 3. kole Prague wine trophy 2013

Prague wine trophy 2013 3.kolo

Cabernet Sauvignon vzh 2009 - prague gold

Cabernet Sauvignon p.s...


Kolby wine is in London.
It has already become a tradition that our wine travels with Czech sportsmen to the Olympic games.
This year too the participants of the summer Olympic games in London will find high-quality wines from...


Vineyard Kolby in Pouzdřany and winery of the same name have a new owner. The owner of one of the oldest and at the same time most prestigious wineries in southern Moravia became the Rosso Steel company. It wants to focus mainly on further...


Success of Kolby wines in the competition of the Alliance of Winemakers V8 called 'The best 8 of V8'.
The competition included chosen presentation samples of the members of the Alliance of Winemakers V8.
Among the eight best wines...