General business conditions of internet shop KOLBY,a.s.

referred to hereinafter as "GBC" These GBC regulate the relations between KOLBY a.s., having its registered office at the address Pouzdřany, Česká 51, business ID No 25512919, tax ID No 25512919, referred to hereinafter as the "buyer" in the area of the sale of goods via internet purchase at the address:

Basic provisions

By submitting an order the buyer confirms that he has acquainted himself with these GBC, and that he agrees with them. The legal relations of the seller and the buyer not regulated by these GBC are governed by the relevant provisions of Act No 40/1964 Coll., 634/1992 Coll., the Commercial Code, the Civil Code, and associated regulations.

Order of goods

ZThe goods will be billed to the buyer at the prices valid at the time of order. The buyer receives a confirmation message from the seller concerning the acceptance of the order. The availability of the goods will always be announced on the basis of an order or request. Goods in stock are for delivery within 5 working days following confirmation of the order. An order can be implemented via: a ) the internet shop at the address: b) E-mail at the address:, c) minimum number of items, packaging, weight 6 x (0.75 l), weight 8.5 kg A purchase contract comes into being with the delivery of the goods or written confirmation of the order by the seller. The place of delivery is the address of the buyer given in the form or address for delivery of goods.

Delivery conditions

The goods can be delivered in the following manner: a) in person at our place of business following telephone agreement, telephone number 59145495, 601550791 b) by the delivery service TOPTRANS with cash on delivery The delivery service TOPTRANS generally delivers consignments in the Czech Republic within 24 hours. Payment for goods is made upon delivery to the worker of the delivery service. The price of delivery is governed according to the pricelist - tariff "T" and applies for the entire Czech Republic. It is designated according to the weight of the delivery. (The weight of 1 package is 8.5 kg). -          up to 15 kg /CZK 188 + 30 -- COD -          up to 30 kg /CZK 297 + 30 -- COD -          up to 50 kg /CZK 435 + 30 -- COD  c) Delivery of consignment by Czech Post Office CZK 125 + 29 COD /consignment Transport for an individual delivery of goods in the Czech Republic with a value in excess of CZK 5000 is free of charge. Payment for goods in excess of CZK 30,000 must be made only by credit transfer to the account of the seller. Delivery of goods abroad within the EU: For foreign deliveries of goods it is necessary to assume a delivery period lasting several days. The shipping price is governed by the pricelist valid on the day of the delivery. Products will be billed in the currency EUR at the rate valid as of the date of receipt of the order. For credit transfers the buyer is obliged mark the payment of transfer charges with the symbol "OUR", and the customer will be liable for the bank charges in full. In the case of a breach of this duty, the seller has the right to retain the contracted goods until the payment of the bank charge in full. the following banking connection is for foreign payments to the account number: a) currency CZK : …Česká spořitelna, a.s. account number 5062972/0800 b) currency EUR : 

Non-receipt of goods

If the buyer does not take delivery of the delivered goods for any reason, it shall be assumed that the buyer withdraws from the contract. In such a case the seller has the right to bill the buyer for the loss arising, in particular in the context of the wasted shipping and dispatch. The seller also has a right to require of the buyer a contract penalty of CZK 400.

Guarantee conditions, claims

The guarantee conditions are governed by the valid legal regulations of the Czech Republic. The purchase document serves as the letter of guarantee. If the buyer discovers that the consignment has faults, is not compliant with the purchase contract, he is authorised to refuse the consignment. if he takes delivery of a damaged consignment from the shipper, in order to make a claim he is obliged to make out a damage protocol and confirm it mutually with the shipper, and to send this protocol to the seller by email without undue delay.

Protection of information

The seller declares that all data provided by the buyer is treated in compliance with Act No 101/2000 Coll., concerning personal data protection, as amended. This data is confidential and will be used only to fulfil the purchase contract.

Concluding provisions

These GBC are valid and effective from …01.05.2012. The seller reserves the right to amend the GBC without prior notification. The relations between the parties to the contract are governed by Czech law, in particular the Commercial Code. Any disputes will be adjudicated through the relevant commercial court of the seller.